“Alyssa is an unstoppable dynamo, filled with wit and charm. She's sharp, fast, energetic and super-charismatic!”
-Jill Bernard, HUGE Theatre in Minneapolis

"Alyssa and Bryan have a quick-witted and intelligent show reminisencent of Chicago's Second City in it's heyday."
-Greg Maughan, Artistic Director of Philly Improv Theater (PHIT)

"These two love improv and each other so much, it is a joy to watch them. Funny, classy, and smart.... they are a power duo of the first order. They are among the best in the biz."
-B.J. Ellis, Executive Director of The N Crowd in Philadelphia

"Bryan & Alyssa  are a very fun duo that take creativity and fun to a new level!  Their play together is just that... PLAY!  You can feel their joy on stage!  Bryan & Alyssa have performed at The Basement Theatre (Atlanta) and rocked the house!  If you like to have fun; go see Bryan & Alyssa!"
-J Star, Artistic Director of Basement Theatre in Atlanta

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