The College Years

Years ago in Clemson, SC Bryan had a dream of performing comedy with friends.  Bryan wasn't the only one, and soon a group of cool kids got together, practiced some games and created Mock Turtle Soup

In 2005, Alyssa came to Clemson as a freshman and joined Mock Turtle Soup.  The group performed shows to 300+ audiences on campus as well as going to Atlanta GA, Charleston SC, Chapel Hill NC, and Chicago IL to perform and take workshops from talented improvisers from around the country. Dozens of practices and shows later, Alyssa and Bryan realized how much they liked each other's company and began dating.

While at Clemson, they taught workshops and performed at the Black Box Improv Festival in Atlanta, performed at the People's Improv Theater in New York City and wrote for two different college comedy magazines. 

The Plunge

After dating for a couple years, Bryan asked Alyssa to marry him.  And it totally rocked.  The pair got married on December 31st, 2008.  The New Year's Eve party that ushered them into married life hasn't stopped.

Married Life

For the first 6 months of married life, Bryan and Alyssa lived in Durham, NC where they were involved with the Dirty South Improv Theater.  Alyssa taught classes in improvisation as well as house managed for the theater and was part of several improv teams, including DSI High, cage-match winning team Honkey Kong.  Bryan wrote and performed in the news-spoof show DSI Witness News.  And that's not all, the two of them teamed up to perform with, Sister City, the Average Ducks as well as Comedy Sportz and Improv Slam!

From Philly with Love

As great as Durham was, Bryan and Alyssa picked up and moved to the City of Brotherly Love.  Bryan got a job with a college outside Philadelphia which gave them access to improv in the city.

There, Bryan and Alyssa auditioned for the N Crowd and were able to join a group of improvisers who were as hilarious as they were awesome. Soon, Alyssa and Bryan were performing in the N Crowd's weekly shows.  They even got a chance to perform with the Philly Improv Theater at the Shubin Theater.    

It's Going to be OK

When Bryan's job in Philly came to an end, the pair found a new opportunity with Northeastern State University.  It's a new place with new people and a new culture, but the two are ready.

With over 10 years of improv comedy experience between the two of them, they hope to rock Oklahoma with as much hilarity as they can.